We're excited to introduce the first-ever working web-based time machine! Our goal is to let you travel into the future, but there are some limitations you need to know.

Because of the way technology works right now and the things we can't change about how time works, our time machine can only take you into the future, not the past. Also, you won't be able to go very far into the future. We hope to expand on the functionality in the near future as we learn more about the effects of time travel.


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Principles of Operation

In the research paper "Navigating Time's Pathways" by Ryan Cook (April 2023), a mathematical framework is introduced to investigate the relationship between the flow of time and the measurement of elapsed time. This framework unveils the intrinsic link between time and waiting, independent of relativistic or gravitational influences.

The paper defines the rate of temporal progression, denoted as R(t), as the derivative of elapsed time with respect to the flow of time. It also introduces cumulative waiting time, represented as W(T), which is the integral of the rate of temporal progression over elapsed time.

One intriguing implication is the potential for time travel. The framework suggests that if a time machine were created based on these principles, it might enable time travel by making the duration of the journey through time equivalent to the desired future distance.

Read the full paper here: Navigating Time's Pathways by Ryan Cook

My History with Time Travel

In the early 2000s, I invented my first time machine and uncovered the mysteries of time. Unfortunately, it faded into obscurity and was neglected, eventually falling into disrepair.

Recently, I decided to formalize and publish the groundbreaking research that made time travel possible. Along with publishing my paper I launched this website, featuring version 2 of the time machine. While it is functionally the same as verion 1, it has a more modern design and updates to its internal systems.

If you're curious about the older version, you can still see it here: Best Time Machine Ever - Classic Edition

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